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Take your time and gradually narrow down your choice

Multiholsters offered here are versatile and you can place them on the belt and adjust the angle depending on which draw you need. ‘Hipster’ is another great option - they are best from small to mid-size guns. But all those are belt-holsters - apart from them, a huge variety of vertical, shoulder and ankle holsters is available. Whichever firearm you have, you’ll find a perfect holster for it.

Take your time and gradually narrow down your choice. In order to save your time we have following categories on the website: concealable, duty, tactic/military, competition, belt slide holsters, leather, sporting and cowboy/western holsters.

Now let’s go back to the factors which you should consider while choosing a holster for your firearm. Those are concealment (the benefits of it are quite obvious), easy draw, retention (when your gun is drown easily with one hand, leaving the other one free), exact fit (needless to say, it influences the draw and maintenance), quality of materials, re-holstering throat (the mouth of the holster is to stay open so that you can put your gun into holster with one hand).

  • holsters, fanny packs, concealable
  • tactic/military, competition, belt slide holsters

Among our loyal customers there are law enforcement, military, security personnel, outdoor and commercial customers. We guarantee you the quality of the holsters and we have a return policy. We’ve been in the business for 2 dozens of years already. During this time we’ve developed a sleek customer service: you may order online or in our store, and we provide a warranty for the items purchased from us.