A perfectly chosen holster increases self-defense abilities and at some point may save your life

Those are concealment (the benefits of it are quite obvious), easy draw, retention (when your gun is drown easily with one hand, leaving the other one free), exact fit (needless to say, it influences the draw and maintenance), quality of materials, re-holstering throat (the mouth of the holster is to stay open so that you can put your gun into holster with one hand). We guarantee you the quality of the holsters and we have a return policy.

  1. Tactic/military
  2. Competition
  3. Belt slide holsters
  4. Sporting
  5. Cowboy/western holsters

Covered trigger guard is extremely important as well, since you never know in what circumstances you may get - it . Apart from all that, you’ll need your holster to be attached and detached to your clothing easily - we consider this to be important criteria, too. We have over 3000 items in the store, and continuously grow our assortment.


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